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Five-star service - no need to look elsewhere for an installer/engineer! Very rare that you meet a tradesperson that answers his phone within three rings and confidently talks you through issues immediately. On a few occasions, my underground wastewater pump alarm has been triggered (which can be very worrying!). Rick calmly and professionally dealt with the problem and resolved the issue. I can't rate Basement Pumps Ltd highly enough!

Roy Lovelidge

Our Commissioning checklist

  • Chamber is clean, and free of any silt/debris which could obstruct the operation of the pumps
  • The activation of the float switches can take place, without obstacle
  • If cable joining kits have been used, they will be secured
  • Gate valve have been turned anticlockwise to ensure it is fully open
  • Electrically isolate the pump to standard height (duty pump), fill the chamber wit water and check that the pump discharges correctly
  • Ensure that the high level alarm is working visually and audibly.
  • Check for leaks on pipework, ensure all is connected correctly.
  • Check all cables are securely ties to the manifold and clear from obstructing float switches
  • Ensure each pump is wired to an individual non-switched spur
  • Check each spur is wired to an individual RCBO (not RCD)
  • Label the equipment. Stickers include contact information for instances where urgent attention is required
  • Ensure battery backup is switched on correctly and operates on backup mode
  • Run through the operation of the station with the client onsite, advise on best practice for managing a pump station

How it works


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Installation and commissioning is booked in and carried out by our expert engineers


Dependable aftercare is provided through an optional service agreement, including 24/7 cover

Installation FAQ

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What is a pump station?

Pump stations are used when there are no natural or gravitational means of transferring waste and water from a development to the mains sewer. The sump is a collection chamber which holds the liquid, as well as the pumps and internal pipework.

Do I need a pump station?

There are two types of pump station that you might need – firstly you might need a foul water/sewage pump station if you have:

  • Basement utility Room
  • Basement En-Suite
  • Extensions, Campsites
  • Schools and Offices, Restaurant, Hospitals, Industrial Estates or Hotels

You might need a Surface Water Pump Stations for applications such as:

  • Drive Way
  • Patio
  • Small Car Park
  • Pool Backwash

What is the benefit on having a two pump set up?

The secondary pump is used as standby or assist basis. The pumps are controlled via the water level in the tank using float switches or an ultrasonic level control.

Standby Pump:  a backup, in the event of the duty pump failing.

Assist: each pump is sized for 50% of the estimated flow rate required.

Can I combine foul water with surface water in a pump station?

This is not recommended. There is a high risk of flooding when combining both the stormwater station with foul facilities; especially during the event of a storm. This is another reason behind the strong recommendation to have dual stations installed for both stormwater and foul water.

The risks involved are surcharging of the foul system, potential back-flow into the cavity drain system, and unpleasant smells.

The foul non-return valve will prevent smells coming back from the discharge pipe however, the foul waste in the pump station will still allow the gases to escape behind the cavity membrane system.

If a foul pump station was to fail, then appropriate action can be taken to stop the use of facilities that discharge into this sump. However, if a ground water pump station was to continue to discharge into this combined sump, the outcome would essentially be a flood.

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