Basement Pumps is a Delta Registered Installer

Delta Membrane Systems are the largest waterproofing and damp proofing supplier in the UK. We find their products to provide the most reliable protection from ground and surface water ingress and contaminates in basement structures. Our founder Rick Peacock has over 20 years experience working with Delta products and we find their values align perfectly with ours: a dedication to quality, authenticity and exceptional customer service.

By providing an exceptional service to all customers, no matter what size of job, we have gained a reputation throughout London and the South East as a reliable, affordable pump and tankering company.

How Basement Waterproofing Works


Basement floors and walls are lined with a waterproof membrane, such as Delta's MS 500 and MS20 – cavity drainage requires minimal preparation or disturbance to an existing substrate.


A cavity drainage membrane system allows moisture or running water to travel behind this membrane, and the water is directed to a discharge point


Water is removed with a package pump station, which is usually a dual pump system for redundancy, and will include a high level alarm and sometimes a battery backup

We offer free site surveys as part of our installation and commissioning service

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Why we use Delta products


Delta’s unique products comply with the British Standard; 8102:2099, 8485:2015 and 85500:2015 and are BBA certified.

Trade specialists

We’re proud to be part of the nationwide network of Delta-registered installers – an approved group of elite, experienced subcontractors who specialise in basement pumps and drainage.

Regular training

We maintain the standards of our work by employing engineers who specialise in cavity drainage work, and we perform regular training with Delta and internally.

Aftercare and warranty

Only by being a registered Delta Service Provider can we provide a 12 month guarantee for the system, and with regular servicing you can expect many years of reliable service.

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