How to look after your pump station

If a pump station serves your property, the likelihood is that the property is not connected directly to the mains sewer system.

Sewage pump stations are designed to handle foul water, sewage, natural human waste and biodegradable products. Other household waste and non-biodegradable products should never be disposed of through the drainage system.

Disposal of non bio-degradable products will affect the reliability of all pump stations, causing pump to block and storage chambers, pumping stations to become congested with non-pumpable waste.

Bear in mind too that it isn’t only the toilet that is connected to your pump station: anything that goes down the sink, bath etc. also ends up there.

The following must not be discharged into drains:

  • Cleaning Rags
  • Cloths
  • Syringes; Hypodermic Needles
  • Medicines; Medical Equipment. Take unused medicines to a pharmacist for safe disposal
  • Fat, Oil; Grease. These products tend to cool down, separate from water and coagulate within the pump stations chamber (FOG’s) encase the pump and floats, causing blockages and failure of pumps
  • Nappies, Sanitary Towels, Incontinence Materials Soft Toys, Tennis Balls etc. It may seem a bit obvious to say this, but it is amazing what gets flushed down the loo from time to time, causing blockages of the drains and pump stations.
  • Even so-called disposable nappies and sanitary towels often do not degrade fully and can lead to malfunction, so it is best to dispose of them by other means. Fabric cleansing wipes; nappy liners can block pipe work or your pumping station. They should not be flushed into the drainage system.

Routine De-Sludging and Servicing

Pump stations over time accumulate settled solids. It is good practice to check and if necessary empty/de-sludge you pump station at the same time as any mechanical or electrical servicing is carried out.

It is vital to your pumping stations ongoing operation and should be carried out regularly. Mechanical and electrical servicing, particularly, must be performed by properly trained personnel suitably qualified and experienced in this type of work.

Regular servicing of pump stations and pumping equipment will extend their life expectancy, hydraulically efficiency and help to avoid emergency call outs. For further information contact us on 0208 761 8888 ask about our service agreements.